HeliCommand: by far more than only a usual stabilistion system...

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The heli systems 3X, 3SX, and RIGID V.2 as well as the brandnew fix-wing gyro system CORTEX are now available. Ask your dealer. PC software V6.2, firmware V.200 as well as the new designed manual are available for download on www.bavarianDEMON.com.
A link can also be founf on this webpage in the download section.

The new firmware can be used with all former X-series units, HC3-SX, HC3-Xtreme and HC3-Xbase. After the update the new PC software needs to be used to set the units up.



HeliCommand becomes bavarianDEMON

The world-famous HeliCommand series is getting a new brand look .This is due to new products, new target markets, a new firmware and new ideas, which are aimed at offering even more service, flight fun and performance: since the 13th of March, under the name of "bavarianDEMON", a brand new accent enhanced the aerial RC model world. And, with it, a continually growing product range, with even more intelligent technology, for even more flight fun and safety. The start formation is constituted by 3 flybarless systems, tailored to satisfy the different demands and abilities of the RC heli pilots, as well as an innovative and revolutionary stabilizing system for fix wing models. As with HeliCommand, it is from CAPTRON and thus still made entirely in Bavaria, Germany. The new product labels already allow the assumption that the best of HeliCommand will live on in the bavarianDEMON products: the flybaress systems 3X, 3SX and RIGID V.2 are rightly reminiscent of their predecessors – because all features have been transferred, even if the look and firmware have been face-lifted, and further optimisations are still to follow. With the bavarianDEMON CORTEX, the brandnew stabilisation system for fix wing models, comes not alone a revolutionary new product, but likewise the main reason of renaming the HeliCommand.

The 13th of March 2013 was the date for the official international launch of brand and product line. The products will be presented at www.bavarianDEMON.com, on a new, impressive service and infotainment website with more than 60 videos, offering an innovative design and plenty of information. In addition, these products will soon be available worldwide, from a network of constantly growing and carefully selected retail partners.

In the meantime, you can prepare yourself and gain a first impression on Facebook and YouTube, or you can visit our compact online preview at bavarianDEMON.com.

We wish you a demonically good and safe flight.
Your bavarianDEMON team